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The Troubling Disappearance of Air Force Nurse Nonnie Dotson

Frustration Mounts

On December 4, 2006, authorities in Texas were scheduled to meet with Vehle to discuss Nonnie's disappearance, but Vehle failed to show. According to an article in published by the Rocky Mountain News, investigators were shocked by Vehle's lack of cooperation. Neither Vehle nor his attorney called the Bexar County Sheriff's Department to cancel the meeting.

Jefferson County Sheriff's patch
Jefferson County Sheriff's patch

"We are frustrated by the lack of cooperation involving Edward Vehle, and it causes us a great deal of concern that he is unwilling to cooperate or share any information that might be pertinent to this missing person's investigation," said Jefferson County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jacki Kelley. "We have little recourse, at this point. I can't imagine the difficult position he has put himself in, in the San Antonio area. This is such big news down there, people knowing him, knowing where he lives. I think he has created some difficult circumstances for himself."

According to Kelley, it was the second time in two weeks that Vehle had snubbed investigators. The previous week authorities had gone to Vehle's home to speak with him, but he allegedly refused to open the door, claiming that his attorney had advised him not to speak with them.

During this time, San Antonio's WOAI News 4 conducted an interview with one of Nonnie's neighbors. According to Jennifer Johnson, who had met Nonnie when she first had moved into the neighborhood, Nonnie had made a peculiar statement to her shortly after they met.

"When we moved in and she met us, one of the first things she said to us was that she had problems with her ex," Johnson said. "And that if we saw anything suspicious, to call the police. And that if anything ever happened to her, if she ever came out missing or was hurt or anything, that he [Vehle] was behind it."

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