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The Troubling Disappearance of Air Force Nurse Nonnie Dotson


According to Nonnie's friends, the breakup with Vehle devastated her. She was, they maintain, deeply in love with him, and his decision to leave her over the pregnancy broke her heart. After the breakup with Vehle, it took Nonnie nearly a year before she felt comfortable dating again.

In September 2005, Vehle filed a paternity dispute, claiming Savannah was not his child. However, a DNA test confirmed he was the father, and two months before her disappearance a Bexar County, a Texas, judge ordered Vehle to pay Nonnie $10,000 in back child support, and $900 a month until Savannah is 18.

"He fought tooth and nail to prevent taking any responsibility for Savannah," said one of Nonnie's friends. "And when finally faced with having to take responsibility, as I was told, 'he told the judge that he would be a token father only' and [would] provide the monetary support mandated by the court, but that would be his only involvement."

While most of Nonnie's friends had nothing positive to say about Vehle, his neighbors in San Antonio described him as nice, friendly, and "the perfect neighbor." Crime Library was able to gain some insight into Vehle's life by speaking with several neighbors on the telephone. According to one neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, Vehle is unemployed and receives money from his mother, whom neighbors describe as "very wealthy." She reportedly owns several properties throughout the state of Texas, including a 500-acre ranch outside of Fredericksburg.

Several people claimed Nonnie had wanted to finish out her term in the Air Force and move back to Colorado. However, prior to her disappearance she had sold her home in Colorado and purchased one in San Antonio.

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