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The Troubling Disappearance of Air Force Nurse Nonnie Dotson


Many of Nonnie's friends from MySpace say it would be out of character for Nonnie to disappear of her own free will. Below are just three of the responses Crime Library has received from her friends. (Identifying information has been removed to protect the authors' privacy.)

Original Message

"I'm a good friend of Nonnie's and one of her regular dance partners here in the San Antonio area. I've always enjoyed dancing with her and making her smile and laugh. I know she would not have left her daughter for any reason if she was going to disappear intentionally. Her daughter is the center of her life and meant the world to her. She was fighting tooth and nail for full custody and the child support due to her from her baby's father and was putting up with and dealing with the stress of the regular court appearances as well as could be expected from anyone. She wouldn't even go out most nights past 10 p.m. without calling and checking up on her daughter at least once and hardly ever stayed out past 10:30."

Original Message

"I am an RN that works with Nonnie. I will tell you that Lt. Dotson is a very loving and dedicated mother. Her baby has always been her first priority. Although she was not enamored with the military way of life, she only had a few months to go in her service commitment. I think any talk of her disappearance being related to her military commitment is ridiculous. I, like many of her friends here, am very worried. We hope and pray for her safe return every day. Any help or information is greatly appreciated."

Original Message

"Nonnie and I worked together at [redacted] in the Intensive Care unit. She told me she was having a very nasty custody battle over her daughter Savannah, but that she had won the case and her ex wasn't taking advantage of the supervised visitation. I don't know any details, just that she was frightened of Savannah being alone with her ex. She didn't tell me why."

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