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Paradise Lost: The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway

What Happened to Natalee?

Jossy Mansur, the provocative and sometimes explosive editor of the Aruban daily newspaper Diario, is certainly no fan of Aruban authorities, but he remains confident that the police had the right suspects when they arrested Joran and the Kalpoes.

"They are the three persons in whose company Natalee was seen by many witnesses leaving the nightclub," Mansur told Crime Library. "She hasn't been seen or heard of since. They are the only three suspects the investigators have focused on. There's no one else."

Joran had access to several boats, Mansur said, and could have used one of them to dispose of Natalee's body. The newspaper editor also has some specific ideas about where Natalee may have been killed.

Joran lived at his parents' estate, a one-acre-plus piece of property on which sits a main house, two outbuildings, and a swimming pool, all surrounded by a high wall. The building farthest from the main house contains Joran's private apartment. A thick stand of trees grows between the three buildings.

"Whatever happened to her, happened at Joran's apartment or at the beach to the north of the Marriott hotel," Mansur said. "The disposal of her body, we strongly believe, was masterminded by the father, who coached them by the pool at his home and drilled them in what they had to say and which story they had to cling to."

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