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He Strangled Them

Rebecca pressed her ex-father-in-law for details.

"You need to tell me this story," Rebecca said. "If that's the truth, then where are they? Where's number one?"

He had hidden one body in Harbor Lake Park in San Pedro, he said.

Police had found Cathy Masters' nude body in Harbor Lake Park.

Masters Crime Scene
Masters Crime Scene
"Okay, where's number two?"

He had left her in an old hotel near Pacific Avenue, also in San Pedro, Lancaster said.

Lois Petrie's tiny apartment was in an old hotel, a block and a half from Pacific Avenue.

"Where's number three?"

Lancaster answered with a riddle. He had dumped the body in San Pedro, he said, in a field with tall grass where buildings now stood. Somewhere near the ocean.

The raped and strangled body of Ann Fellows had been found beside a construction site on Westmont Drive in San Pedro, just two miles from the ocean.

Laura Grissom as Ann Fellows
Laura Grissom as Ann Fellows
The fourth rape and murder had been in San Jose, just outside San Francisco, Lancaster said.

Leah Griffin had been raped and murdered in San Francisco while Lancaster worked there as a security guard and drove a cab in nearby San Jose.

When Rebecca asked how he had killed the women, Lancaster circled his hands in the air and squeezed them tight. He said he strangled them.

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