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A Shocking Confession

On Friday night, March 15, 2002, Rebecca and Lancaster were sitting in her den. During the past week, things had changed. Lancaster had quit taking walks and had started drinking. Then he got sick and Rebecca had to drive him to three doctors. Instead of easing some of her daily duties, he was adding to them.

Rebecca was on the verge of suggesting that he go live with one of his sons, and she could hire someone to help with the kids, but she first wanted to find out what had caused her former father-in-law to change so suddenly.

Lancaster sat on the sofa, his face flushed. Rebecca leaned back in a matching chair. An end table stood between them. They drank tea.

"I've murdered four women in my lifetime," Lancaster blurted out.

Rebecca sat up straight. She was confused, unsure if she had heard him correctly. "Grandpa, say that again."

Lancaster leaned his chin into one hand. "I've raped and murdered four women in my lifetime."

To Rebecca, hearing it again was like getting hit in the head with a brick. Maybe the old man was hallucinating, she thought. While waiting for Lancaster during one of his recent doctor visits, Rebecca had read an article in a magazine for seniors about Alzheimer's disease.

But this was no hallucination. This was real.

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