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MISSING: Kyron Horman



By October 2011, Kyron Horman is still missing, despite investigators re-upping their search. In October 2010, investigators reconvened on Sauvie Island, where cell phone records indicated that Terri Horman might have been that day during those missing two hours. Their efforts turned up nothing.

They returned again to the island in January, this time searching in a deeply forested area, bringing scent-sniffing dogs to search along private property and far-flung roads.

Again, there was still no sign of Kyron.

They tried one last time - the weekend of March 26, 2011. They searched a gravel road in the North Plains area near Portland. Again, they come up empty.

On June 2, 2011, nearly a year after his disappearance, the task force was disbanded. A full-time lead detective is assigned to the case, which remains open.

Though the shadow of suspicion was cast upon Terri Moulton Horman from the very beginning, there was never enough to formally name her as a suspect. Whether Kyron's disappearance was a terrible accident, a premeditated crime, or a heinous act by a random stranger may never be known. More important than pointing fingers and assigning blame, is that a little boy is still missing. A year after his disappearance, a billboard, purchased by Desiree Young, appeared in Terri's hometown of Roseberg. "I promise I will find you. I will never stop," it read, "Love, Momma."

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