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MISSING: Kyron Horman

Odd Discrepancies

Suspicion was now firmly settled on Terri Horman. First, there was Terri's claim that between 10:10 a.m. and 11:39 a.m. she drove along rural roads to ease the inner ear pain she said her daughter was experiencing. This led police to issue a request for any video along the paths where she had said she was driving to confirm her alibi. No footage of her drive has yet turned up.

DeDe Spicher
DeDe Spicher
Then, there was the fact that on that particular day, Terri had requested to use Kaine's truck, instead of her own car. She wanted the truck on that day so she could more easily bring home the science fair project, which fit in a larger vehicle. Yet, she had failed to bring home the project and according to KATU News, instead emailed a teacher that day asking when she could pick it up. Kaine Horman told KATU: "I typically drive the truck and Terri drives the car. She wanted to use the truck to bring Kyron's science fair project home, easier done with the truck than the car."

And, there was the brief time period, around the same time as Terri was allegedly driving around with Kiara, when her friend DeDe Spicher went off the grid, letting calls to her phone go unanswered. According to the owner of the house where she had been working, DeDe abruptly left around 11:10 a.m. and returned around 1 p.m. 

These discrepancies in Terri's timeline, as well as claims against her that Kaine would later bring forth, cast Terri as the potential culprit in Kyron's disappearance.  However, there was never anything more than circumstantial evidence against her, and she would never be named as a formal suspect. 

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