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MISSING: Kyron Horman

Mother vs. Stepmother

Kaine's allegations about Terri didn't help him forge a better relationship with Kyron's birth mother, Desiree. Though she was initially united with Kaine in the search, she began to publicly criticize him. After the allegations came out regarding Terri's alleged drinking problems, Desiree found it hard to hold her tongue.

In November 2010, she told the Today Show that there was tension between the two: "I

Desiree Young with Kyron
Desiree Young with Kyron
just can't stand by and support the choices that he's making. He had several opportunities to let Tony (Desiree's husband) and I know what was going on and he did not."

Desiree also told the Today show that she was privy to emails from Terri to her friends, shown to her by investigators, which indicated that Terri hated Kyron. "I now believe without a shadow of a doubt that not only is she (Terri) capable of hurting Kyron, but that it's clear she could have hurt him in the worst possible way," Desiree said, "It's very clear from Terri's horrible words that she had a severe hatred for Kyron and that she blamed a lot of the marital problems on Kyron." She even told the Today show that Kyron had expressed wanting to live with her as much as a year earlier. Later, she waged a very public campaign against Terri, even driving to Roseburg to hand out "Missing" posters and deliver a prepared speech urging Terri to reveal Kyron's location.

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