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MISSING: Kyron Horman



 A few hours before he disappeared, seven year-old Kyron Horman stood in front of his science project, grinning ear-to-ear. Petite, with wire-rimmed glasses, and sporting a t-shirt

The last photo taken of Kyron Horman.
The last photo taken of Kyron Horman.
 emblazoned with the logo of the TV show CSI, he stood beaming over his project about the Red Eyed Tree Frog.

The photo was snapped by his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, who brought him to Skyline Elementary school and stayed with him during the science fair. Before leaving, she said she watched him walk toward his classroom at 8:45 a.m.

He was never seen again. That was on June 4, 2010.

Kyron Horman's case has befuddled investigators for over a year and a half.

How did a seven-year old go to a school science fair, but never show up for class? To date, there have been no named persons of interest or official suspects, only conjecture and rumor.


Terri Moulton Horman
Terri Moulton Horman
After she dropped him off at school and allegedly watched him walk down the hall into his classroom, Terri Horman, the boy's stepmother, got into her white Ford F-250 truck and drove off. She had errands to run, groceries to pick up. She went to Albertson's and Fred Meyer and shopped for sundries. She stated that for over an hour, she drove her 18-month-old daughter Kiara around in an effort to use motion to help with the child's earache.

Three hours after she had last been seen with Kyron, Horman went to work out at 24 Hour Fitness. She was done at 12:40, and made the 11 mile drive home.

That afternoon, at 1:21, she logged into Facebook and uploaded the last known photograph of the boy.

Like any other weekday, Terri went to meet the school bus at 3:30.

Kyron's teacher had reported him absent, but the school had apparently not alerted his parents. It wasn't until she went to pick him up from the school bus that Terri realized that Kyron had not been at school all day. Sixteen minutes later, a school secretary called 911.

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