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MISSING: Kyron Horman

Grand Jury


In August 2010, Kaine renewed the restraining order against Terri. She had stopped cooperating with police in the case. The information about the two failed polygraphs continued to be a thorn in her side. In the time since the boy disappeared, Kaine and Desiree had embarked on a public campaign to find Kyron. In their interviews with major TV and media outlets, they gave the impression that they believed Terri was the culprit. Though none of them could prove it, they cited tiny "tells" during the early days of the search.

Tony Young, Desiree's husband, was a police officer in Medford, Oregon. Trained in investigation tactics, he told Dateline how he prepped the family for the ensuing invasion of their privacy. As he said, the detectives would be asking very personal questions of everyone.

Terri objected to the intrusion, just a few hours into the investigation.

He told Dateline: "She instantly started to express some displeasure at that, and not wanting - feeling like she was persecuted. And I thought that was kind of an unusual reaction that early."

Dateline also reported that she complained that taking the polygraphs over and over made her feel like a criminal, and that the police were overly aggressive in their questioning of her.

As the other three parents took to the press to express their thoughts and suspicions about Terri Moulton Horman, it became apparent that the redheaded evil stepmother role was being assigned to her by the public and the press, with Kaine calling Terri a "master of deception" on ABC News. He said that Terri was "a professional at misdirection and deceit."

In July, almost two months after his disappearance, a grand jury convened in the case. DeDe Spicher was subpoenaed, but what she said during her testimony is unclear because Grand Jury proceedings are closed to the public. According to her attorney Chad Stavley, DeDe had cooperated with the investigation and had allegedly shared texts and emails between her and Terri with the police. Stavley also pointed out that his client and Terri were no longer on speaking terms. Though Stavley did not confirm it, it has been speculated that Dede testified in return for immunity because her hour-and-a-half-long disappearance from her landscaping job shed suspicion on her as well.

According to, another woman, Andrea Leckey, a former manager at the gym where Terri worked out, ran into Terri at the Fred Meyer on June 4th, where, holding her sick infant daughter, she showed off pictures of Kyron at the science fair. It was, Lechey reportedly testified, the longest encounter they'd ever had together, and it struck her as odd.

The Grand Jury investigation ended without any charges in August 2010.

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