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Chasing Randy

At the strip bar, the manager was more cooperative. Yes, a buck-toothed guy named Randy worked at the club, but the manager didn't know his last name. The club owner wasn't there, and he kept all the employee records at his house. The manager gave the detectives the owner's home address in North Hollywood.

A short time later, the two homicide cops were at the strip bar owner's home, searching through his records for information about Randy. In Randy's personnel jacket they found a copy of his driver's license.

Randy Williams
Randy Williams

Randy turned out to be Randall Bruce Williams, a 36-year-old drifter and lowlife who had a criminal record up in Ventura County.

That Saturday afternoon, Galeria checked LAPD and L.A. Sheriff's Department records but couldn't find a photo of Randy Williams. He had a clean record in Los Angeles County.

So Szabo and Galeria, the latter still on his day off, made the two-hour roundtrip drive along the 101, the Ventura Freeway, to the beachside city of Ventura, where they managed to lay their hands on a photo of Randall Williams, a convicted felon on probation for burglary.

When they got back to L.A., Szabo and Galeria put the photo into a folder with five other pictures of men who looked similar to Williams. The folder, which cops call a "six-pack," has six cutout rectangles on the front flap. The pictures are taped to the inside of the folder so that just the images appear through the numbered cutouts. Randy's picture was taped into cutout No. 5.

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