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Man In Shadows

Naming the Shooter

Detective Szabo had been half expecting April to finger Kenny Leighton as the shooter. The name Randy had come out of left field.

Who the hell was Randy?

Szabo asked April for specifics about Randy. She said she didn't even know his last name. All she knew was that he had buck teeth and he worked for Kenny Leighton. He had also once lived in the loft above Leighton's muffler shop, the same place she and Jamie had stayed the previous summer.

April started fading.

Szabo quickly went over the essential questions one more time to make sure he had understood everything April had said.

She knew the shooter. His name was Randy. He had buck teeth and worked for Kenny Leighton, the man April and Jamie had agreed to testify against.

"That was about all I could get from her at that point because she was in such grave condition," Szabo says.

It wasn't a lot but it was enough.

Detective Szabo called his partner at home and told him what he'd just learned from April. Galeria agreed to meet Szabo at the West Valley station.

The hunt for Randy was on.

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