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Man In Shadows

The Investigation

As was their custom, the two detectives split the workload at the crime scene. Unlike what is portrayed on television police dramas, homicide detectives, not crime lab technicians, are in charge at a murder scene. Szabo supervised the documentation and collection of evidence while Galeria searched for and interviewed witnesses.

One of the first witnesses Galeria spoke to was Jamie and April's roommate. The woman had been home when Jamie pulled his truck into the driveway. Seconds later she heard a string of gunshots, between six and eight shots, she estimated. After the gunfire stopped, the roommate ran outside and saw Jamie and April lying on the ground. April was conscious. The roommate called 911, then put pressure on the gaping hole in April's neck to try to stem the blood flow.

April had still been conscious when the emergency medical crew arrived. While treating her, one of the paramedics asked April questions to judge her level of awareness and to keep her alert.

One of the questions the paramedic asked was, "Do you know who shot you?"

"Yes," April said.

The medic didn't ask who shot her.

"That was very disheartening for me," Galeria says. "As a homicide detective you want to know who did this."

A neighbor told Galeria he had seen a man lurking around Jamie and April's house the day before the shooting. He was a white male with dark hair, driving a red car. He looked like he'd been waiting, perhaps for Jamie and April. Neither was home at the time.

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