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Shooting in West Hills

Detective Dave Szabo
Detective Dave Szabo

LOS ANGELES November 4, 1998

Detective Dave Szabo got the call at home at 11:00 p.m. He was just about to go to bed. Szabo worked homicide in the West Valley Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The call was from his supervisor. Szabo was needed at the scene of a double shooting. Uniformed cops had answered a 911 call of shots fired in the West Hills section of Los Angeles. When they arrived they found two victims on the ground. The first, a male, was dead. The second, a 20-something-year-old female, was shot through the neck but still hanging on.

Detective Steve Galeria
Detective Steve Galeria

Szabo met his partner, Detective Steve Galeria, at the crime scene. The shooting had taken place in the driveway of a single-family home on the corner of Ingomar Street and Woodlake Avenue, in the area of West Hills once known as Canoga Park. The house had a wooden privacy fence and a pool in the back yard.

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