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Photo Identification

Back at the hospital, the detectives got bad news. April had flat-lined twice and was again unconscious.

They would have to wait to show her Randy's photograph.

At nine o'clock the next morning, Sunday, November 8, Szabo and Galeria got a call from the hospital. April was awake but her condition was deteriorating fast. If the detectives were interested in talking to her, they had better hurry. The two investigators jumped into an unmarked police car and raced to Northridge Hospital.

April was still awake when they arrived, but she had a tube down her throat and couldn't speak. Galeria held the photo line-up in front of her face. He explained what he was going to do. The man he and his partner had identified as Randy, the man the two detectives thought had shot her and Jamie, was one of the six pictures he was about to show her. Galeria would point to each picture in order. He wanted her to concentrate on each one as he pointed to it. If the picture wasn't of Randy, she was to shake her head. If she saw the man who had shot her she was to indicate it by nodding.

"Do you understand?" Galeria asked.

April nodded.

One by one, Galeria pointed to the pictures in the photo array. When he reached photo No. 5, the picture of Randall Williams, April's eyes welled with tears and she nodded her head as hard as she could.

"She became very emotional at that point," Galeria says.

Randall Bruce Williams was their shooter. A week later, Szabo and Galeria had him in custody.

On December 24, 1998, Christmas Eve, April Mahoney died.

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