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Kevin Neal, Convicted of Murder by Forensic Entomology

A Ghastly Find

Aerial close-up of cemetery.
Aerial close-up of cemetery.

Stickley said he felt "a needle shot through my body" and he quickly backed out of the crime scene, got on his tractor and called authorities to report that he had "found the two bodies that I presume were Cody and India."

India Smith, who would have celebrated her 12th birthday the following day, was lying on her back, her legs spread in a sexually provocative position, less than 100 feet from the grave of Sue Neal's mother.

Sheriff David Deskins and Harry Trombitas, an FBI Special Agent, made the drive to Indiana to interview Kevin Neal while crime-scene experts gathered evidence at the cemetery. On the way over, they decided only to tell him that the children "had been found" to see how he reacted. Neal surprised even the two experienced law enforcement officials.

"I guess if they were walking around, you would have told me," he replied after digesting the news. After he was told that they were dead, Neal stood up, silently pushed in his chair, and asked the corrections officer to take him back to his cell, leaving Deskins and Trombitas simply staring at each other in shock. They had expected that at least he would have asked where or how the children had been found. The person who killed them, of course, wouldn't need that information.


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