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The Mistress of Hollywood: June Cassandra Mincher


Mincher's roommate had witnessed this assault and was able to tell police several details: one of the three attackers was believed to have been Greg Antonelli, 21.  He'd been a phone customer of June's and over a period of months June had apparently egged him into a more intense need for her services.  He'd become obsessed with her but when he'd seen her, he'd been enraged.

However, says reporter Jan Klunder in the LA Times, Mincher was "love-crazed," and after he rejected her, she reacted by tormenting him.  She would call him several times a day, she damaged his car and home with graffiti, and she took to calling members of his family.  The feud boiled over when he allegedly returned to her place with two bodybuilder friends to teach her a lesson.  Apparently, he thought the assault would shut her up, but she filed a report.  She also continued to harass his family and damage his property.  (This incident would get a different spin when police learned that the bodybuilders were actually in the employ of a private detective, not buddies of Antonelli, and that June had named him as another avenue of revenge.)

Homicide detective Rick Jackson
Homicide detective Rick Jackson

One homicide detective, Rick Jackson, says there were two sides to this story: one was that Mincher had started an all-out assault after being rejected, but the other was that she and Antonelli had actually gotten into a relationship for a little while and then the attacks began.  (He might be confused about timing, in that they did have a phone relationship for several months before Antonelli came to her house.)  Antonelli was as guilty as June in doing damage and using threats.  He apparently called police to arrest June's roommate, angering June and setting off a round of vengeful attacks against him.

Then she was killed.

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