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The Mistress of Hollywood: June Cassandra Mincher

The Crime Scene

A dispatcher directed homicide detectives and other LAPD personnel from the Scientific Investigation Division (SID) to the scene, while an ambulance arrived for the wounded man.  Christian had taken one bullet, but he was still alive.  He was rushed away for surgery.

Police line
Police line

Photos were snapped while SID technicians, trained for evidence collection and analysis, mapped obvious evidence at the scene, then picked up what they could, logging it in.  They looked for tire tracks in the street, footprints, or other telltale signs that might help identify the perpetrator but found very little.  This looked like an execution, pure and simple.  Whoever had done it had accomplished a fairly efficient hit.  Mincher had been shot several times in the head, the impact of which had apparently made her wig fly off.  She'd died where she lay.  There was little doubt she had been the target.  Christian Pierce had apparently just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As officers questioned people who gathered around, witnesses offered a sufficient amount of detail to build a description of the perpetrator: a white male, short of six feet, and of average-to-solid build, perhaps 170-175 pounds.  He'd worn jeans and a windbreaker.  The dark-haired man with the olive complexion might have been in the mid-30s range. The car in which he'd arrived and departed had resembled a recent model Mustang convertible, with the body and top both a dark color, possibly blue.  (The witness noticed because he'd been looking for a car like it.)  There had been a driver, also dark-haired, but difficult to see.  Someone offered a partial number from the license plate, 2A.

Near the scene, SID picked up the black wig, bagging it, and carefully gathered six spent shell casings, including one from under the wig.  These casings would help with the forensic analysis, if they managed to acquire the weapon for comparison.  Having few immediate leads, detectives set about to learn more about the victim.  From her outlandish apparel, they had inkling that they were in for a complicated case, but they had no notion then that it would take several bizarre twists.

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