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Rider agreed to participate in a set-up, for which he was paid a fee and given intense security. It took several months of meetings with his former associates, but finally he wore a body wire and got three of them to talk.

William Mentzer
William Mentzer

On May 10, he met with Lowe and recorded a conversation in which, according to court records, Lowe described how he'd been with Mentzer on a hit and had watched him get drunk first. Rider brought up Radin's name and Lowe said, "I didn't even do anything." But he was aware that "someone" was shot 13 times because it had been on Friday the 13th. Lowe admitted he'd been the driver and the victim had been abducted by limo.

Detectives rented a room at a Holiday Inn, installing devices to record any conversation that occurred and setting up their operations in an adjacent room. Rider invited Mentzer here on July 7 and easily got him to describe more of the details. Rider mentioned "the fat guy" and Mentzer seemed to know he was referring to Radin. To get Mentzer riled up, Rider used Lowe's statement about Mentzer having to be drunk to get the nerve. Mentzer was predictably incensed. He then described the incident from his own point of view.

He and Marti, he said, had been in the back of the limousine with Radin, on Sunset Boulevard. Lowe was driving. Behind them they heard police sirens and were suddenly surrounded. They panicked. Mentzer stuck the barrel of his gun in Radin's mouth and commanded him to say nothing. Marti was on the floor, his gun pointed at Radin's crotch. The police cars went sailing by them, on another call. Relieved, they took Radin out to Caswell Canyon to finish him off.

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