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MISSING: 5-year-old Haleigh Cummings

Strange Bedfellows

Trenton Duckett
Trenton Duckett

In the days immediately following Haleigh's disappearance, Ronald Cummings did accept help from Josh Duckett, the father of yet another missing Florida child, 2-year-old Trenton Duckett.

Trenton disappeared in August 2006 from his home in Leesburg, 45 miles northwest of Orlando, and just across the Ocala National Forest from Satsuma. Almost immediately after Trenton disappeared, suspicion fell on his mother, Melinda Duckett, who claimed her son was snatched from his bed while she watched TV in another room.

After being grilled by CNN's Nancy Grace about her possible involvement in her son's disappearance, Melinda Duckett shot and killed herself. Trenton remains missing.

For a while, Josh Duckett even acted as the Cummings family spokesman.

William 'Cobra' Staubs
William "Cobra" Staubs

Additionally, a couple of attention-grabbers shoehorned their way into the media circle surrounding Haleigh Cummings: self-proclaimed bounty hunters and private investigators Leonard Padilla of California and William "Cobra" Staubs of Florida, both of whom were hangers-on in the Caylee Anthony case.

Staubs has claimed his own investigation proved that Misty was not home the night Haleigh disappeared, that she was seeing someone behind Ronald's back.

Greg 'White Boy' Page
Greg "White Boy" Page

Later, news surfaced that the weekend before Haleigh went missing, Misty had indeed had a drug-fueled tryst with Greg "White Boy" Page. News sources have reported that both Croslin and Page had admitted to using drugs and having sex that weekend, but both claim they were not together on the day Haleigh was last seen.

An attorney for Haleigh's mother, Crystal Sheffield, has told CNN that Misty went out the night Haleigh disappeared. "We know that she was not home with the children that night."

While Cobra Staubs was conducting his personal investigation into Haleigh's disappearance, he drove to the home of accused child molester Daniel Everett Snodgrass, 55. According to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office, Snodgrass was out of jail on bond after being charged with the sexual molestation of a child under 12.

Staubs used a loudspeaker to call Snodgrass out of his house. Then the bounty hunter handcuffed him and stuffed him into his car, claiming he was revoking the accused child molester's bond, something sheriff's officials have said Staubs had no authority to do.

Sheriff's deputies later arrested Staubs for false imprisonment.

Forty-four convicted sex offenders live within a five-mile radius of Ronald Cummings's trailer.

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