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Pressed for Crime: The Heather Stigliano Murder Mystery


Following his extradition back to Myrtle Beach, Whipple fully cooperated with investigators and willingly confessed to Heather's murder.

"I did it. I had a fix for drugs. I did it because of damn crack cocaine," Whipple said. "That shit will do it to you. I am telling you it will drive you crazy. You will get your damn money, you will get your drugs, one way or the other."

Whipple told investigators he had only met Heather once through a mutual friend. He said he knew where she lived and suspected she might have a large amount of cash, which he wanted to use to feed his drug addiction.

When Whipple knocked on Heather's door, she invited him inside, and the two had a brief discussion about their mutual friend. She explained to Whipple that she did not know where he was but could provide him with his telephone number. Without warning, Whipple became enraged and attacked her, striking her with the clothes iron and stabbing her with a kitchen knife.

Afterwards, Whipple stole everything of value inside the home and left in Heather's car. The following day, he returned to the apartment and attempted to clean up the crime scene. When he was finished, he carefully placed the pillow underneath her head.

Following his confession, Whipple requested that prosecutors seek the death penalty.

"I just want to say I am sorry, not that it is going to help, Whipple said. "I would also like to say that I believe in capital punishment, and that is the only thing I deserve."

According to members of Whipple's family, he was addicted to drugs and had problems controlling his anger. The combination of the two resulted in the loss of his marriage, his kids and everything he owned.

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