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Buddhist Temple Massacre

False Arrest

While there was a public outcry against their release, to hold these men any longer would be a clear violation of their rights.

Within four days, one of them sued the county for false arrest. 

The two boys, Doody and Garcia, made statements that implicated them, although each pointed the finger at the other as the one who had killed the monks.  At first, Garcia said there was no one involved but the two of them, and he drew a sketch of the temple to show that he had been there.  Later he said that others had taken part—which raised the hopes of those in the task force that they had been right about the Tucson suspects.  Under interrogation, Garcia gave two names, "Willis" and "Bruce," and mentioned a 'black man," but implicated only himself and Doody in the actual murders.  He added, "I think I saw Parker," but would offer nothing more.

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