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Testimony reveals existence of a ‘Mexican Murder Camp’ where American gangsters get training

Members of the prolific and violent Texas narcotrafficking gang Barrio Azteca have been receiving training from Zetas, a Mexican crime syndicate, Jesus Ernesto Chávez Castillo told a court in El Paso in February 2014. Once known as “El Camello” (“the Camel,” Mexican slang for “drug dealer”), the former hitman is now acting as a government [...]

Hitman for Mexican Drug Cartel Gives Chilling Interview From Behind Bars

From our friends at the Daily Dot: Rosalio Reta was just 13 when Miguel Treviño, leader of the ruthless Zetas, the paramilitary wing of Mexico’s Gulf Cartel, recruited him as a killer. In this interview with the Center for Investigative Reporting he discusses his horrific experience as a murderous cog in Los Zetas.

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