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Naked man let hyena rip off and eat his genitals for wealth

They say that becoming rich requires sacrifice, like losing that special time with your kids and grandkids. One African man seems to have taken this truism to the extreme. Whether or not he will be rich is still an open question, but it’s for sure he won’t be having kids or grandkids anytime soon.

Man Offers to Sell Four of his Children to Satanists for Blood Sacrifice

Police in Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, have arrested Jones Chinga, 48, and two of his elder sons, Noston 24 and Nickson 29, for “conspiracy to murder contrary to the Laws of Zambia.” It seems that the family needed money, and so they planned to sell four of Chinga’s children for K271 million, around $55,000 USD.

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