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X-ray: Guy with a chainsaw blade embedded in his neck

What’s that mothers are always telling you to avoid? Swimming right after a meal, running with scissors, and climbing a tree with a running chainsaw? Maybe not quite, but any mother who thought of that last one, would definitely tell you not to do it.

Drunk man swallows fork on a bet, winds up in ER

Radu Kalincesku, 25, was admitted to a hospital in Bacau, Romania, complaining of throat pain. Apparently, he failed to mention that he knew exactly why his esophagus was hurting — he ate a fork — maybe he was embarrassed, or maybe he was beginning to sober up.

Your Daily Creepout: X-ray of man killed with nail gun

Chinese immigrant Chen Liu, 27, was killed in Australia in 2008. His body, tied up with electrical wire and wrapped in a rug, was found in a marsh by two children. He had been shot in the head 34 times with a nail gun. Detectives said the nail gun was a standard cordless, high-powered tool that shot 85mm long nails. “In 36 years, I’ve never seen a murder of this nature,” said Homicide Squad Superintendent Geoff Beresford.

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