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Elderly Missouri Couple Arrested for Cold Case Murders of 40 Years Ago

So maybe opposites don’t always attract. A Missouri couple, both in their 70s, both arrested in late September 2013, is awaiting extradition to Wyoming each for killing their former spouses, and in the case of the man, for killing his adoptive sons too. How much each knew about the other’s past is still unclear.

Student Cited for Allegedly Writing Own Rape Threat On University ‘Crushes’ Page

Like many places of higher learning, the University of Wyoming in Laramie has a student-organized ‘Crushes’ page on Facebook, where students too shy to approach their crush can post their feelings anonymously. Everyone loves a secret admirer and the page was a big hit, until an alleged false rape threat came along and ruined it.

Three Dead After College Murder-Suicide in Wyoming

A murder suicide at a small community college left a male professor and a woman dead. The killer killed the professor and himself in front of a classroom filled with students. The investigation is ongoing.

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