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Examining Workplace Violence

An in-depth look at Atlanta’s day trader killing spree, the phenomenon of “going postal,” and the Xerox murders that shook Hawaii.

Killer Professor Challenges Her Conviction — Even Though She Made a Deal

Former University of Alabama professor Amy Bishop has challenged the guilty verdict and life sentence she received after opening fire at a faculty staff meeting on February 12, 2010, killing three people and wounding three others. Given the terms of the plea deal she accepted, her challenge may not be allowed to proceed.

Deadly Professor Amy Bishop Pleads Guilty

Amy Bishop has pleaded guilty to the murders of her UAH colleagues, but may soon face extradition to Massachusetts to stand trial for killing her brother in 1986.

Employee Opens Fire in a New Jersey Supermarket, Kills Two

Two were killed in an Old Bridge, New Jersey Pathmark supermarket when an employee opened fire with an AK-47 killing two coworkers before turning the gun on himself. Investigators do not yet know the shooter’s motive.

Disgruntled Former Employee Shoots Co-Worker

A workplace-related dispute in New York erupted into mass shooting and homicide today when Jeffrey Johnson, 58, shot and killed Steven Ercolino, 41, the man who allegedly had him fired from his job at Hazan Import Corp. in 2011.

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