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Woman arrested for keeping men captive for sex

The woman with the Cheshire-cat grin pictured in the adjacent mugshot, was arrested last summer for allegedly holding her roommate and another man captive for sex. The men, it seems, evaluated their situation, and both opted to go out the window and dangle from the ledge screaming for help.

Cyclist lodged in windshield could not get driver’s attention

A driver in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, was distracted enough that he not only hit a bicycle rider and kept going, but he failed to notice the man, whose torso was mostly through the broken passenger-side windshield, until after he parked the car.

Today in Crime History: Steven Avery’s false conviction

On December 14, 1985, Steven Avery was convicted of raping and beating a woman out for a morning jog. He was sentenced to 32 years and served 18 before he was exonerated using DNA evidence. In 2005, while Avery was in the midst of suing the county, Sheriff and DA that put him away, he was charged with the murder of Theresa Halbach. Avery argued that he was being framed but was found guilty and sentenced to life.

Wisconsin man called 911 on sex partner for ‘snoring like a train’

In the wee hours of November 10, 2013, around 4:30 a.m., a reportedly very drunk Benjamin Duddles, 41, called the police emergency line to have “a female removed from his bed,” saying that he was not even sure “how she got into his apt,” but that she was “snoring like a train and he wants her out,” according to the dispatcher’s notes.

David Spanbauer

On Labor Day, September 5, 1994, Spanbauer, a serial killer who had been in and out of prison for years, abducted Cora Jones, 12, as she rode her bike near her grandmother’s house. It would be five days before searchers would find her strangled body at the bottom of a steep ditch 75 miles away.

Death of an Aerosol Huffer

Denise Marten seemed to be healthy and happy until a huffing addiction spiraled out of control taking her on a ride that ultimately cost her life. takes a look into the life and tragic death of a mom who became addicted to inhaling keyboard cleaner.

Summer Fun: The Jeffrey Dahmer Walking Tour

A group in Milwaukee is offering guided tours of the hunting grounds of one of America’s most notorious, revolting and compelling serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee Cannibal. Dahmer was convicted of the murders of 15 boys and men, whom raped, killed, dismembered and ate. When he was arrested, police found his apartment full of decomposing human remains.

Update: Man Accused of Roadside Couch Sex Sentenced

On September 3, 2012, an off-duty cop decided to stop a man from having sex on a couch in public. It turned out that the man, Gerald Streator, was having sex with the couch in public. Yesterday Streator pleaded guilty before a judge and was sentenced.

Shaun Keith Orris: Goat Sex a Constitutional Right

Shaun Keith Orris of Waukesha, 41, Wisconsin, had knocked back about six beers and a few shots at a local bar when he decided to stand up for a constitutional right to do the dance of love with goats, supporting the old adage "whiskey don’t make liars, it just makes fools."

Recovering From Burns, Arsonist’s Wife Charged With Stealing From Fellow Patients

A woman who narrowly survived a fire set by her husband is now accused of stealing items at the nursing home where she is recovering. The fire killed her three young sons and unborn baby and left her severely and permanently injured.