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Body of suicide victim hung for eight years in his apartment

The body of a suicidal OCD sufferer was found hanging in his pristine apartment eight years later, and in perfect condition too.

Slideshow: The Weirdest Wills Ever

A collection of some of the strangest last wishes on record.

Performance Artist Arrested in France for Doing Dance with Chicken Tied to his Penis at the Eiffel Tower

South African performance artist Steven Cohen seems to be living in Paris, France, these days and is feeling pulled between the two countries, according to his lawyer, so he decided to put on a performance at the Eiffel Tower to evoke his crisis. The performance instead seems to have evoked calling the police and getting Cohen hauled out of there.

Slideshow: Anything for a Buzz

From vodka-soaked tampons to hand sanitizer, some teens will go to any lengths to get inebriated.

Noise Complaint: Guinea Pig Sex is Too Loud

A couple living next door to Germany’s M√ľnster University has complained that the cage for the guinea pig experiment kept outside by the University’s biology department smells and the animals make too much noise — specifically guinea pigs sex noise.

Murder, Erotic Obsession & Social Media

Mass murderer James Holmes and homicidal cannibal Luka Magnotta have legions of fans. Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is on the cover of Rolling Stone. Though there have always been those infatuated with killers — serial killer Ted Bundy was bombarded daily with love letters — it seems that social media has taken what was rare quirk into the mainstream.

Warning: Tourists in France Beware of Aggressive Pack of Feral Cats

French authorities are asking tourists to be on their guard after a woman, who was walking her dog, was knocked to the ground and mauled, nearly to death, by a pride of feral cats.

Police: Man Drowned Ducks in Acid

A man in Norman, Oklahoma, is accused of drowning two neighborhood ducks in muriatic acid after becoming upset with his mother.

Serial Killer Groupies: Who Are They And What Do They Want?

A grim fascination with serial killers has left some women so attracted to men like Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy that they become groupies, lovers and even wives. Who are these women, what attracts them to murderers and what do they expect in return? A look at some noteworthy examples.

Five Weird Spy Deaths That Are Stranger Than Fiction

Found stuffed in a gym bag, wearing a radiation suit, shot with an umbrella gun. A review of some of the strangest deaths involving spies.