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Florida man attacks girlfriend with banana

It’s a new year and Florida is quickly establishing itself once again as the global headquarters for bizarre and unexpected crimes. As if there was ever any doubt, a domestic assault involving a banana kicks off another year of absurdity for the Sunshine State.

Andras Pandy, ‘Devil’s Pastor’ of Belgium dies at 86

Andras Pandy, aka the Devil’s Pastor, died in prison on December 23, 2013. A Hungarian-born former preacher, Pandy was serving a life sentence in Bruges, Belgium for rape, incest and multiple murders.

Modern cannibalism: Six killers with a taste for human flesh

Cannibalism is widely viewed as the ultimate taboo, but those who have committed it seem perversely proud of their acts. Read about six modern cannibals who weren’t ashamed.

Good news, we’re safe! Stolen radioactive material recovered; bad news, robbers dead already

Well we can all rest easy as the weekend begins, because the highly radioactive shipment of cobalt-60 stolen in Mexico earlier this week has been found and secured. No one, except the robbers of course, was likely exposed. On the down side, the robbers are probably already dead.

Killed over what?! The lamest motives for murder

Breakfast cereal, Avril Lavigne tickets, chopsticks, Indian food and more. A collection of the absolute worst reasons to die.

Slideshow: Top 10 weirdest lawsuits

Ten lawsuits that prove you can pretty much sue anyone for anything.

Video: Belgian woman slept with dead husband for a year

A landlord who was evicting an elderly couple in Liege, Belgium, got the shock of his life when he found that the husband, named only as Marcel H., 79, had died, and his wife just wrapped him up in a blanket and kept him there.

18 laws you never knew existed

Sporting Truck Nutz could get you in trouble, as could breaking these other bizarre laws.

Slideshow: Smugglers’ secrets

Are your pants full of exotic songbirds or are you just happy to see me? A look at some of the strange places that smugglers hide their goods.

Update: Most outrageous bestiality cases

The scary part is, these are just the weird ones.