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Slideshow: The weirdest wills ever

Some left their considerable fortune to their pets, others asked to be contacted after death, and one man requested burial in a Pringles can. A look in photos at some of the strangest last wishes on record.

Man accidentally freed by confused jury, and murdered hours later

In a case of luck reversal eerily reminiscent of the classic TV show Twilight Zone, a man who was freed accidentally by a California jury yesterday, was killed just hours later.

Prosecutors: Man tried to kill woman for her seeming ‘happiness’

The image of happiness projected by a passing mother and child allegedly filled a man with an irresistible homicidal rage.

Slideshow: Anything for a buzz

From vodka-soaked tampons to hand sanitizer, some teens will go to any lengths to get inebriated.

Evidence files: Ed Gein’s nipple belt

As visually compelling as it is, this belt will probably not be featured in Vogue’s spring line.

Guinea bans eating bats, rats and monkeys

Really? Yes, really. Aside from carrying nasty diseases, these creatures are considered great eating in many parts of the world, West Africa included. In fact, this blogger’s Internet searches yielded recipes for Fruit bat soup and stewed Cane rat, as well as an awareness that smoked monkey is readily found all over rural Africa — to eat.

Peeping tom reports couple having sex in their own house

Police don’t know why the man some reports are describing as a “window lurker” was looking through the bedroom window of a Blekinge, Sweden, couple’s home, but they do know that he saw them engage in an intimate sexual act — and was extremely offended.

Slideshow: Sweet revenge

To some people, revenge is a dish best served full of poop.

Owner’s mummified body found in foreclosed Detroit-area home

It seems that the nice German lady who lived on Savannah Drive in Pontiac, Michigan, stopped paying her mortgage about three to six years ago. Weirdly, it’s been years since anybody’s even seen her — until yesterday. A contractor who came to do some work on the foreclosed home, found her mummified remains in the garage.

Woman assaulted in Big Lots bathroom by man dressed like Barbie doll

It took only 40 minutes for San Diego police to catch up with a barefoot, screwdriver-wielding suspect, wearing a pink tutu and a princess top, in connection with a sexual assault in a public bathroom

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