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Slideshow: Weirdest weapons

If your weapon is stupid, strange and/or just plain weird, but it gets the job done, maybe it isn’t so stupid after all.

Vampire hater charged with illegal possession of crossbow

Whether or not all crossbows are illegal in Sweden, or just the ones pointed at police is unclear, but one Swed is charged with illegal crossbow possession after officers, sent to escort him to trial on charges of illegal knife possession, opened his door to find themselves staring down an armed crossbow.

Police: Florida man dumped urine on building inspector

Craig Siegel, 44, a Sarasota chiropractor and the owner/manager of Siesta Key Vacation Rentals, was arrested after dumping an entire bucket of pee on an uninvited county code enforcement officer. He’s still smiling.

Potato-wielding robber tries to hit two stores

An unnamed Providence, Rhode Island, man attempted to rob a convenience store and then a dry cleaner on Monday, armed only with a potato “disguised as a gun.” We’re not sure what that means, but reports indicate that he was waving the potato around. He may have been planning to potato-whip the clerks, but never got the chance.

Man charged with hijacking plane was armed with chocolate bar

Antti Oskari Manselius, 23, of Finland is on trial after boarding a Cathay Pacific flight from Amsterdam to Hong Kong, and allegedly attempting to derail the flight to Sochi, Russia — menacingly wielding a Toberlone bar — so he could see the Olympics.

Police seek Irish girl in fish-slapping prank

No it’s not Monty Python’s Norwegian fish slapping dance, and the suspect is Irish, not Norwegian. In any case, a young couple is wanted after an ill-conceived prank is which they grabbed a large fish at the market and used it to haul off and smack a 53-year-old fish lady in the face, while recording the event for posterity.

Considering an icicle as a weapon? Read this first.

Though icicles are sometimes deadly when they work together with gravity and bad luck, they are not such a perfect murder weapon as you might be thinking. We find out why.

Britney Spears music proves effective weapon against pirate attack

Music has long been known to elicit a gamut of emotions from listeners. From joy, to sadness, to running the other way in the case of Somali Pirates exposed to the melodious tones of Britney Spears.

Watch: Armed Robber Foiled by Machete-Wielding Clerk

So much for having a gun. An armed robber attempted to hold up a Long Island, NY, deli on September 25, 2013. He is shown by the surveillance video entering the business wearing a gray anorak and brandishing his semiautomatic at the clerk. What could possibly go wrong?

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