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New Law: Montana legalizes eating roadkill

You heard it everybody: Very soon, it will be legal in Montana to eat your very own road kill, or someone else’s. This in response to concerns that roadkill is a waste of meat that some might otherwise hunt to eat. Even so many find the concept unpalatable to say the least.

Chinese Teen Arrested for Getting More Than 500 Retweets

From our friends at The Daily Dot: It took a little more than a week for China to make its first arrest under a controversial new law against “online rumors,” which criminalizes popular online posts—those by more than 5,000 people or reblogged more than 500 times—that start or spread false information.

Seattle Bans ‘Brown Bag’ Lunches and ‘Citizens’

Seattle’s word police are keeping busy banning the words “brown bag” and “citizen” from official use. The Office of Civil Rights in Seattle, Washington, has alerted city government officials that those words are potentially offensive and may no longer be used, spoken or written, in any official capacity, except to tell people not to use them we guess.

Swaziland: Witches Banned From Flying Over 150 Meters

Authorities in Swaziland, who are very serious about their witches, have enacted revolutionary new legislation intended to regulate all witch air traffic over their country.

VIDEO: Man Pulled Over for Traffic Stop Schools Cop on the Law

Does Washington State allow police to use unmarked cars for traffic stops? There is disagreement. A man recently pulled over by a cop in an unmarked car lets the officer know exactly who is in violation of the law — the judge agreed and threw out the ticket.

Unbelievable Rape Ruling in LA Appeals Court

In 2009, Julio Morales allegedly raped an 18-year-old woman who at first thought he was her boyfriend. A court in California has ruled in favor of the accused rapist based on an outdated 1872 statute that states that rape has been committed if the victim was “under the belief that the person committing the act is her husband,” but not her boyfriend.

Man Fined for Picking up People’s Litter — and Putting it in the Trash

David Baker, 39, of Stourbridge, West Midlands, in England, was shocked when he received a fine of £75 for putting litter he had found on the ground into a trash receptacle, calling it, "bureaucracy gone mad." No wonder they have a littering problem in Stourbridge.

Man Returns from Prison to Find Dead Wife’s Mummified Remains

Prison inmate Eduardo R. complained that he hadn’t heard from his wife in over a year, her friends were concerned, and her neighbors complained to police of a stench emanating from the home, but all requests for a well-being check were denied because she was believed to have poor personal hygiene.

Topless Crusader Keeps up the Cause, Even After Arrest at Playground

Moira Johnston, topless crusader by day, topless dancer at night, hopes to raise awareness about a little-known New York law that permits women to go topless wherever men may, by going shirtless and braless around New York’s downtown.

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