Crime Library: Criminal Minds and Methods

Slideshow: Baby for sale

Parents who tried to trade their babies for cash or goods.

Watch: Russian performance artist nails his nuts to the ground in Red Square

Performance are can be so inaccessible, but thanks to Pyotr Pavlensky, who was kind enough to explain his bizarre protest for the rest of us, we now know what he was trying to say, though not why he chose to express himself in that manner.

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Gruesome injuries, menacing tattoos and more — there’s something cringeworthy about each of these booking photos.

Mugshots from rock bottom: Men

Sometimes the question "how do I look?" is better left unanswered.

Slideshow: I am a vampire

Humans have always been fascinated with vampires, but some take their fascination to the forbidden level. Crime Library catalogs 13 vampiric assaults and murders from the past decade.

Mugshots from rock bottom: Women

Ever feel like you’re letting yourself go? Browse through these photos and you’ll feel better, guaranteed.

Update: Most outrageous bestiality cases

The scary part is, these are just the weird ones.

Slideshow: Ten absurd police blotters

Suspicious coins, happy birthday bags, and a cat named “Help.” When cops aren’t tracking down murderers or stopping thieves in their tracks, they’re dealing with things like this.

Slideshow: Tragic Magic, Spells Gone Wrong

From a little white magic, to voodoo shape shifters, to bloody satanic sex; when magic, mayhem and the law collide.

Slideshow: The Fetish Files

People who let their freaky side out in public and got arrested for it.