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Update: Shoe salesman who tried to eat girlfriend’s toes is sentenced

Daniel Anaya, 28, of New Mexico, was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison for assaulting his ex-girlfriend in April 2013. This was the third such attack by the former shoe salesman on the woman, who had taken out a restraining order against him after the second incident. This time, he attacked with his teeth, but brought a cigar cutter to do the job right.

Lawyers who got arrested

A collection of attorneys who landed themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Funniest mugshot faces

A collection of arrestees who guaranteed their spot in the mugshot hall of fame.

Australian authorities launch search for massive mango

Last week the three-quarter-ton, gold-flecked Bendigo Rock at the National Rock Garden in Canberra, Australia, was stolen. This week, the gigantic Big Mango in Bowen, some 1,300 miles away, has also been stolen. Whether this is mere coincidence or part of a larger, more sinister trend is not immediately apparent.

Icicle assaults man in upstate New York

When a young man knocked on Ken Birdsill’s door in Windsor, New York, on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 19, 2014, he claimed he was looking for a cousin who lived on the same street. He asked to use the phone, but Birdsill turned him away. The man left but came back a few minutes later with a friend. As the first man threatened Birdsill with a knife and demanded drugs and cash, his buddy knocked Birdsill over the head with . . . yes, an icicle.


A look at necrophiles and famous cases of sexual and non-sexual necrophilia.

Tripping burglar balances crab on bike, stuffs credit cards in muffin

A couple returned to their apartment to find it trashed, but in a weird way. Credit cards had been stuffed into a chocolate muffin and a frozen crab was left balancing on a bike. Police believe it was a neighbor on a bad trip, who broke in thinking he was Jack Bauer from the TV series 24.

World’s tiniest water lily stolen

Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Garden near London, reports that one of their extremely rare and valuable miniature water lilies has been stolen. The lily, the tiniest in the world, would likely be extinct had the garden’s horticulturalists not coaxed 50 seeds back to life by simulating the exact conditions it requires. Lily Nypaea Thremarum [...]

Man kills stepfather with fatal ‘atomic wedgie’

It’s an old holiday story. Families get together. They drink. They fight. It’s all good fun until somebody dies from an atomic wedgie. In late 2013, a few days before Christmas in McCloud, Oklahoma, former marine Brad Davis, 33, and stepfather Denver St. Clair, 58, were drinking happily until St. Clair said something insulting about [...]

Wanted: Maniac banana lover

Police in Newington, Connecticut, are searching for a criminal mastermind, who managed to smash a convenience store door with his car and escape unscathed after stealing and eating a single banana.

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