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I’m Charged With What?!

Crime or bad judgment? That’s the question law enforcement officials are forced to ask themselves whenever they’re faced with a strange situation — is it wrong or just plain weird? Read these cases and judge for yourself…

Drunken Man Threatens to Rape, Kill and Eat, Well, Just About Everyone

A recent DUI arrest of a seemingly normal Ohio bar patron turns into a violent, biting, blood spitting express ride to the psych ward.

Man Charged With Feeding Gator That Bit Off His Hand

On June 12, Florida airboat captain Walt Weatherholt, 63, was giving an Indiana family a tour of the Everglades when an alligator bit off his hand. Now, in the quintessential case of adding insult to injury, Weatherholt has been charged with feeding the alligator that ate his right hand.

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