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X-ray: Guy with a chainsaw blade embedded in his neck

What’s that mothers are always telling you to avoid? Swimming right after a meal, running with scissors, and climbing a tree with a running chainsaw? Maybe not quite, but any mother who thought of that last one, would definitely tell you not to do it.

Half-naked woman falls into well during outdoor sex-capade

A couple in Spain, who decided to make sweet love in a park known for its teen drinking parties and covert liaisons, was rudely interrupted when the cover of the well shaft on which they were consummating their mutual admiration failed, causing the woman to plunge into the icy water below.

Drunken gun ‘safety’ demo ends fatally

A man offering his girlfriend a demonstration of safe gun use, accidentally used a loaded weapon and shot himself in the head during his brief, though informative, presentation.

Woman mistakes pepper spray for deodorant, injures two

Police in W├╝rzburg, Germany are considering charges against a woman whose decision to freshen up in the washroom at a local nightclub wound up temporarily shutting down the club, and injuring two other women.

Video: Baby dragged 100 feet by truck is unhurt

Ivianah Figueroa, only four months old, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is miraculously alive and unhurt after accidentally hitching a ride in her stroller Wednesday from a passing truck.

Cyclist lodged in windshield could not get driver’s attention

A driver in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, was distracted enough that he not only hit a bicycle rider and kept going, but he failed to notice the man, whose torso was mostly through the broken passenger-side windshield, until after he parked the car.

Fire academy douses flames with jet fuel instead of water

Authorities in Washington State are trying to figure out how a training exercise erupted into a fireball that injured two.

Bullet ricocheted off man’s skull, cracked windshield

In a very weird accident, a lucky Florida grandfather recently survived being hit in the head by a stray bullet. His windshield, however, was not so lucky.

Video: Smoking thief stealing gas sets cars, self on fire

No matter how much you may think you want a nicotine fix, sparking one up around an open container of gas is not worth it. The man shown in this video from Millicent, Australia, reportedly lit up a cigarette and then punched a hole in a car’s gas tank. He was found alive, with burns on his legs. He should’ve brought gum.

Family dog nearly dies from eating girl’s homework

An Englewood, Colorado, family hopes that their dog Reggie learned a lesson after eating the daughter’s homework. This homework was no term paper or take home quiz, as is usually associated with the classic “My dog ate my homework!” excuse; it was a scale model replica of Mt. Haleakala in Maui made of foam and candy.