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Rich teen suffering from ‘affluenza’ gets probation for crash that killed 4

We can now add a new outrageous defense to our law books: “Affluenza,” the state or condition in which a child of wealth and privilege is raised with no consequences for bad behavior. In plain English: A spoiled rich brat can’t be held fully responsible for his actions — let’s start by blaming his parents.

Nancy Kissel and the Hong Kong Milkshake Murder

Nancy Kissel, serving a life sentence for drugging her husband, killing him and stuffing him into a rug, lost her appeal today. The American expatriate was convicted in 2005, retried and convicted a second time in 2011. The sensational case mixes a heady dose of murder with adultery, violence, spying, greed and enormous wealth.

Point of no return: The case of Peter Bergna

When the truck of wealthy couple Peter and Rinette Bergna crashed through a guardrail and down a mountainside, she was killed instantly, while Peter miraculously escaped serious harm. Seemingly distraught, he claimed it was a tragic accident. So why did investigators spend two and a half years building a premeditated murder case against him?

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