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Serial killers who surrender

It’s commonly believed that serial killers cannot stop because their compulsion is so strong that they’re literally addicted to murder. In some cases, however, they’ve turned themselves in to stop the killing. On April 23, 1973, serial killer Edmund Kemper called police and confessed his crimes. An examination of what motivates the few who stopped themselves.

Wayne Adam Ford: Remorseful serial killer

On November 3, 1998, Wayne Adam Ford walked into the Sheriff’s Department in Eureka, California, with his brother. Ford tearfully broke down and confessed to murdering four women. Deputies might not have known what to believe if it weren’t for the severed human breast he had brought with him in a baggie that had belonged to one of the victims.

Today in Crime History: Wayne Adam Ford Picks Up Final Victim

On October 22, 1998, Tamez spent the early part of the afternoon soliciting sex from truckers at the intersection of 6th and D in Victorville, Calif. After several hours she got her first response when a man in a large, black truck pulled up and propositioned her. Following a brief conversation, Tamez got into the truck and drove off with the man toward the highway. It would be her last trick.

Wayne Adam Ford: The Remorseful Serial Killer

On June 27, 2006, Ford was found guilty by a jury and convicted on four counts of murder in the first degree. Known as the Remorseful Serial Killer, Ford had turned himself in, and confessed to murder, while carrying a victim’s severed breast in his pocket.

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