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Slideshow: Trail of the Capital Beltway sniper

A look back at the shooting spree that began on October 2, 2002, claimed 13 victims and terrorized the D.C. area.

Baby Hospitalized After Spending Hour in Freezer; Father Charged

A Washington State dad couldn’t handle his baby girl’s crying, so he allegedly put the infant in the freezer and took a nap.

Convicted Killer Sues Victim’s Family

A man serving time for the murder of a former friend and business partner is suing his victim’s family for emotional distress.

Today in Crime History: Gallaudet University Student Eric Plunkett is Reported Missing

On September 28, 2000, Eric Plunkett’s friends told their resident advisor that they hadn’t seen him all day. It was strange because he was social and liked to keep his door open. When they checked his room, they found he had been killed. The first murder this close-knit community for the deaf had ever experienced.

D.C. Police Search for Unusual Suspect

The suspect is unusually young–6 or 7 years old–and wanted for robbery.

Man Who Killed Girlfriend Over Dirty Dishes Sentenced to 20 Years

A judge sentenced Mthulisi Ndlovu, 39, to 20 years Friday for the October, 2011, murder of his live-in girlfriend, Mary Mushapaidzi, 42, in their Bonney Lake, Wash., home. Ndlovu initially told police that Mushapaidzi had gone for a run and never came back, but later admitted to beating her with pruning shears and strangling her during an argument over dirty dishes.

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