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Confused Lady Driver Winds Up in Bike Lane on Bridge

There are some roads that are simply confusing. The infamous “mixing bowl” on Interstate 95 in Virginia is one. Confusion leads to driver error, which can lead to accidents, or just really weird mistakes. This driver’s unimpaired confusion just led to a mistake, which, strangely enough, she is not the first driver to make.

Daughter Accused of Imprisoning Parents; Son Roughs up Mom, 90

In our latest installment of How Not to Treat Your Parents, we bring you the story of an unidentified Redmond, Washington, woman who was allegedly imprisoning and bilking her elderly demented parents. Also the case of a Minnesota man was arrested for slapping around his mother and roughing up her dog to get her house.

VIDEO: Man Pulled Over for Traffic Stop Schools Cop on the Law

Does Washington State allow police to use unmarked cars for traffic stops? There is disagreement. A man recently pulled over by a cop in an unmarked car lets the officer know exactly who is in violation of the law — the judge agreed and threw out the ticket.

Man Blows His Brains Out During Gun Safety Class — On Purpose

Bellevue, Washington, man Brian J. Parry, 50, seems to have taken advantage of a local gun safety class, intended to introduce people to the safe use of handguns, and used the opportunity to kill himself.

Man ‘Hog Tied’ Stepchild, 4, Shot at her With Pellet Gun

A Linwood, Washington, grandmother took her granddaughter, 4, to the hospital on January 13, 2013, after she noticed that the girl’s body was covered with red marks. Hospital workers quickly determined that the girl was not suffering from chicken pocks, as the grandmother had thought, but was the victim of child abuse, allegedly at the hands of her stepfather, Stetson Tedder.

Today in Crime History: Westley Allan Dodd is Hanged

On January 5, 1993, child rapist and killer Dodd became the first inmate legally executed by hanging in the U.S. since 1965. His last words were, "I was once asked by somebody, I don’t remember who, if there was any way sex offenders could be stopped. I said, ‘No.’ I was wrong."

Serial Killer Spotlight: Rodney Alcala

Charming, witty and highly intelligent, this sexual predator charmed his victims, then killed, posed and photographed them. He left behind so many photos of unknown subjects that now police estimated at least 130 victims. Remarkably, he has last spent the last 32 years in prison overturning two out of three murder convictions, drawing media attention and public ire as he turned the courtroom into a circus.

Two Creepy Flasher Reports from Washington State

Two reports of indecent exposure and ‘self-flagellation’ from Washington State, one from Seattle the other from Longview, both abruptly interrupted.

Today in Crime History: Robert Lee Yates Jr. Sentenced to Death

On October 4, 2002, Yates, the Spokane Serial Killer, was sentenced to death for the murders of Melinda Mercer and Connie LaFontaine. Yates is known to have murdered at least 13 women, though many more victims have been attributed to him. The most remarkable thing about this violent murderer of prostitutes, however, was how utterly unremarkable and ordinary he seemed in his stable family life.

Update: Woman Who Tried to Decapitate Husband With Electric Saw Sentenced

Renee Bishop-McKean of Everett, Washington, was convicted of first-degree assault and attempted murder by a jury of her peers on September 20, 2012. Today she was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

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