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Two Creepy Flasher Reports from Washington State

Two reports of indecent exposure and ‘self-flagellation’ from Washington State, one from Seattle the other from Longview, both abruptly interrupted.

Today in Crime History: Robert Lee Yates Jr. Sentenced to Death

On October 4, 2002, Yates, the Spokane Serial Killer, was sentenced to death for the murders of Melinda Mercer and Connie LaFontaine. Yates is known to have murdered at least 13 women, though many more victims have been attributed to him. The most remarkable thing about this violent murderer of prostitutes, however, was how utterly unremarkable and ordinary he seemed in his stable family life.

Update: Woman Who Tried to Decapitate Husband With Electric Saw Sentenced

Renee Bishop-McKean of Everett, Washington, was convicted of first-degree assault and attempted murder by a jury of her peers on September 20, 2012. Today she was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Another Washington State Vigilante Sentenced for Killing Sex Offenders

In a crime reminiscent of that of vigilante Michael A. Mullen, also from Washington State, Patrick Drum, who said he was standing up for a belief by seeking out registered sex offenders and killing them, was sentenced after hearing from the victims’ families. As did Mullen, Drum stands by his actions.

Chastity DuFour Allegedly Beats Toddler Blind

Chastity DuFour is accused of abusing her boyfriend’s son, 3, while he was in her care. The toddler was admitted to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital on May 29 after suffering a seizure, and wound up in the ICU covered from head to toe with bruises, partially blinded, with retinal hemorrhaging and brain damage.