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Green River Killer: River of death

On April 8, 1987, police searched the home of serial killer suspect Gary Ridgway. Though at the time there was not enough evidence to arrest him, he would ultimately be convicted of 49 murders and suspected in dozens more in a slaughter that spanned over a decade.

Tripping burglar balances crab on bike, stuffs credit cards in muffin

A couple returned to their apartment to find it trashed, but in a weird way. Credit cards had been stuffed into a chocolate muffin and a frozen crab was left balancing on a bike. Police believe it was a neighbor on a bad trip, who broke in thinking he was Jack Bauer from the TV series 24.

Fire academy douses flames with jet fuel instead of water

Authorities in Washington State are trying to figure out how a training exercise erupted into a fireball that injured two.

Update: More body parts found along Nisqually River

The search for more human remains continues on the Nisqually Reservation in Washington State after a dog brought a severed human leg back home to his 93-year-old master on November 5, 2013.

Darren O’Neall: Sex Killer on the Move

Drifter, sexual predator and serial killer O’Neall enjoyed confining his victims and terrorizing them for his sexual pleasure. He knew it was wrong, but didn’t care, and he did it over and over again.

Man Accused of Blowing Up Family Dog Won’t Face Cruelty Charges

It turns out that in Washington State strapping explosives to your dog and detonating them does not constitute animal cruelty, that is if you manage to blow the poor creature to smithereens instantly, like Christopher W. Dillingham, 45, of Stevenson reportedly did.

Seattle Bans ‘Brown Bag’ Lunches and ‘Citizens’

Seattle’s word police are keeping busy banning the words “brown bag” and “citizen” from official use. The Office of Civil Rights in Seattle, Washington, has alerted city government officials that those words are potentially offensive and may no longer be used, spoken or written, in any official capacity, except to tell people not to use them we guess.

Trend of the Week: Parents Accused of Impaired Driving With Cars Full of Kids

If Brandy Nicole Watts and Jonathan Harty ever got together, they’d make the most dangerous Brady Bunch-style combined family ever.

Children Find Pet Goat Skinned Alive — Owner, Neighbors Afraid

Residents in Longview, Washington, are understandably on edge after a pet goat was found cruelly mutilated and left for dead.

VIDEO: A Serial Killer Cries

How do you make a hardened serial killer cry? Gary Ridgeway, aka the Green River Killer, was convicted of the murders of 48 prostitutes on December 18, 2003, though it is believed that he killed more than 90 women. Ridgway remained impassive when being addressed by the families of his many victims, until Linda Rule’s father spoke.