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Guy tries to kill spider with blow torch, nearly burns down home

A man in Seattle, Washington, caused about $60,000 in damage to his home trying to kill a spider. In his defense, we don’t know what kind of spider it was, how big it was or how gross and hairy it was. In any case, fire crews are pretty sure he got it.

Couple fears poltergeist, police find rampaging meth head

It wasn’t a case of paranormal activity, though you could’ve fooled the both police and the Seattle couple who called 911 Wednesday night after coming home to find that someone, or something, had turned their condo upside down in a weird and creepy way.

The ‘blood oath’ murder of Sherry Harlan

In January, 2010, Sherry Harlan was stabbed to death in her apartment. Eric Christensen, the ex-boyfriend accused of killing her, claimed the two were Wiccans and and that Sherry had broken a blood oath, requiring Eric to kill her.

Suspect left ‘salesperson of the month’ award at robbery scene

A Washington State man was arrested after police responding to a robbery allegedly found his plaque on the front lawn of the home. Neither he nor the victim knew each other, so why in the world his award was there is a mystery for the ages.

Sheriff’s memo to deputies: No sex on the job, no lying on the record

Some may find it surprising that a sheriff would feel the need to remind his deputies that having sex while on duty and that lying on the record are both firing offenses, but the following memo indicates that at least one sheriff thinks that’s exactly what’s needed. Glad we’re all on the same page now.

Seattle man pooped behind precinct, placed it in bag and set it ablaze

Seattle is known as a clean city. Everything in its place: newspapers and empties in the recycling bin; cigarette butts stubbed out and placed in the trash. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one Seattle man, who took a dump behind the police station, was trying to properly dispose of his poop when he caught officers’ attention.

Driver who exposed himself was suffering after effects of ‘manzilian’ wax job

Yes, the man allegedly told officers that the skin around his genitals was so itchy and irritated after a Brazilian wax job that he had to take his pants off to drive.

Today in Crime History: Colton Harris-Moore’s career as an outlaw begins

On April 29, 2008, Barefoot Bandit Harris-Moore, escaped the halfway house where he was finishing a sentence for burglary and went on the run. He eluded police for years a suspect in nearly 100 crimes including stealing boats, cars and planes in 17 different jurisdictions.

Green River Killer: River of death

On April 8, 1987, police searched the home of serial killer suspect Gary Ridgway. Though at the time there was not enough evidence to arrest him, he would ultimately be convicted of 49 murders and suspected in dozens more in a slaughter that spanned over a decade.

Tripping burglar balances crab on bike, stuffs credit cards in muffin

A couple returned to their apartment to find it trashed, but in a weird way. Credit cards had been stuffed into a chocolate muffin and a frozen crab was left balancing on a bike. Police believe it was a neighbor on a bad trip, who broke in thinking he was Jack Bauer from the TV series 24.

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