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Today in Crime History: Miranda Gaddis disappears

On March 8, 2002, sixty days after 12-year-old Ashley Pond went missing, Miranda Gaddis left for school and never returned. Ward Weaver, the man who raped and murdered both girls, was the son of a man who spent the rest of his days on death row for rape and murder. Was Weaver genetically predisposed to kill, or just a big fan of his dad’s work?

Police in Oregon arrest three for murder, one is child-killer Ward Weaver’s stepson

When Ward Weaver III was convicted of murder in 2002, it was soon discovered that he was the son of Ward Weaver Jr., on death row for killing two people in 1981. This week, Ward’s stepson Francis Weaver, has been arrested for murder. If convicted, he would be the third consecutive generation of Weaver men imprisoned for murder.

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