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Watch: Violent Walmart shopper drives through store in meth-fueled rampage

Police have just released dramatic video of an allegedly drugged-out man crashing his red Oldsmobile Cutlass into the doors of a Walmart and driving into the store before jumping out and bludgeoning four people with a metal object. He was wrestled to the ground and held by security and angry shoppers.

How not to spend your Black Friday

Happy Black Friday! If you’re not being stampeded to death, wrestled to the ground by a cop, or leaving your kid in a freezing car, we’d say you’re doing pretty darn good. Better than these folks at least.

Guess Who’s Working at Walmart?

In 2004, Texas mom Dena Schlosser called 911 and said, “I cut her arms off.” She was talking about her 10-month-old daughter Margaret, whose arms she amputated with knife during a religious frenzy. When police got to Schlosser’s Plano home, the woman was covered in blood and singing Christian hymns. Baby Margaret died the next [...]

Police: Man Tossed Semen on Woman at Walmart

There are reams of books about how to introduce yourself to that sexy stranger, and go from there. Though no dating how-to book explicitly rules out breaking the ice with bodily fluids, common sense would dictate that such a move is more likely to get you booked, than it is to get you her number.

VIDEO: Toddler Taken as Hostage at Oklahoma Walmart

Police in Midwest City, Oklahoma, have released surveillance camera footage of a hostage situation that unfolded at a local Walmart on June 17.

Man Arrested With Toy Police Badge

When a man was stopped for shoplifting at a Louisville, Ky., Walmart, his companion, Rolando Almenares, 39, allegedly had a back-up plan. Police say Almenares told a witness that he is a police officer, and that he and his shoplifting friend are part of an undercover program.

Couple Arrested for Stealing Lube, Engaging in Sex Acts at Walmart

According to police, Julian R. Call, 22, and Tina F. Gianakon, 35, shoplifted several “personal care items” including K-Y Jelly, and then Call “sexually fondled” Gianakon in front of other customers.

Woman Caught Cooking Meth in Purse at Walmart Has Been Arrested Again

The woman caught cooking meth in her purse at a Walmart while shoplifting has been identified, and arrested again.

What Else is New? Woman Busted for Cooking Meth Inside Walmart

For the third time in recent memory, a woman has been arrested for cooking up a batch of meth at a Walmart store. This time, a unnamed woman and a male companion were busted at store in Mehlville, Mo., last night.

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