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UK man calls 999 with toilet roll holder stuck up his butt

Most of the time when people call the emergency help line they really want as much help as they can get. Sometimes though, the situation is delicate, as in the case of a Welsh man, who recently found that discretion pretty much goes out the window once the fire brigade shows up.

Missing ‘Vulnerable’ Adult Was Forced into Slavery for 13 Years

A 30-year-old man went on vacation with friends in the Wales region of Britain in 2000 and mysteriously disappeared. Police would ultimately discover, after getting a tip some 13 years later, that Darrell Simester, now 43, was half-starved, in terrible health and had been forced into slavery during the time of his disappearance.

UK’s Biggest Shoplifting-Rehab Failure Arrested 335th Time — But We Can Do Better

Caught stealing a bottle of Irish Cream hours after he was released from prison, David Archer was spared jail time so that he could be rehabilitated, but do not fret, for we in America can top even this.

Medium Accused of Making Women Strip and Dance Provocatively to Increase Psychic Powers

Welsh medium Karl Lang, 49, has apparently been a very naughty boy. He is accused of convincing at least two of his female clients to strip naked and perform provocatively for him to increase their odds of contacting the spirit world. They claim, he told them that “the spirits are naked.”

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