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Watch: Drunk driver climbs out through burning car’s windshield

A grim reminder that drinking and driving, driving while intoxicated, drunk, buzzed, or whatever you want to call it, can end badly. Just how badly is shown in this video taken in Perm, Russia, on May 10, 2009. The survivor, driver Sergei Druzhinin, is shown pulling himself from the flaming wreck through the windshield.

Watch: Seattle bus commuters take down armed robber

Dramatic surveillance footage has emerged of passengers on a Seattle Metro bus on November 25, 2013, standing up against a robber who was taking commuters’ cell phones at gun point. Not only do the bus’ passengers fight back, but they disarm and hold the assailant until police arrive, at one point forming an impressive pile of angry, yelling people on the floor of the bus.

Video: Interview with a psychopath

Chilling interview with “Robert,” a pedophile and psychopath, about how he groomed his 18-month-old step-daughter to be his sexual mate.

Watch: Drunken Santa street brawl

It was a predictable end to a drunken pup crawl for charity in New York City when a group of drunk Santas were caught on video brawling in the street after SantaCon, a Santa-themed charitable event which describes itself as “non-commercial, non-political” and “nonsensical.” Perhaps it would be safer if next year they added “non-violent” to the description, just so all the participants are on the same page.

Watch: Providence’s dancing cop

Here on the Crime Library we’ve seen all kinds of cops: good cops, bad cops, serious cops, nice cops. Today we present the “Dancing Cop.” As far as we know he is the only one of his kind, but we sincerely hope to see more of this kind of police officer in the future — and not just at Christmas.

Watch: What’s a bath salt high like?

A disturbing U.S. Navy public service announcement addresses the national "bath salt" craze, showing what it’s like being high from the user’s perspective, on this easily available drug. The video also explains from a medical perspective what the drug does.

Turns out there are legal consequences for riding an emu to work

From our friends at The Daily Dot: An Australian man who filmed himself riding an emu in hopes of landing a viral video may face animal cruelty charges. “What most overseas people get confused about Australia is they think we ride kangaroos to work but in actual fact we ride emus,” McMillan said in the video.

Video: Dramatic surveillance footage of Paul Walker crash

An amateur videographer took some footage after the crash, (shown at left) but it does not compares to the surveillance footage of the actual impact, even though it was shot from behind a stand of trees. The following surveillance footage, which shows the extreme violence of the crash, would seem to confirm the theory that speed was a factor.

Rescue Video: Man survived for three days on bottom of ocean

Video has emerged of a May 28, 2013, body-retrieval effort by South African divers that became a rescue when they found Harrison Okene alive inside the Nigerian ship that sank to the bottom. Okene was in an air pocket for three days with no food or water, and no light.

Watch: Bystanders lift SUV off injured woman

A woman was run over, dragged and pinned by an SUV at a busy intersection while riding her bike to work in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China. Shown here is the accident and the victim’s rescue moments later by passersby. The woman’s upper body was pinned, and witnesses said she was screaming loudly.