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Video: Bank robber forgets to bring bag, drops cash, things go south from there

Apparently there are some days you just can’t rob a bank. The robber in this surveillance video forgot his bag, and perhaps even his gun, dropped the loot all over the floor, and made it out of the bank in time to slip on the ice.It only got worse from there.

“Catch me if you can” helmet-cam motorcyclist who taunted police is caught

The man who posted a video of himself riding a motorcycle recklessly through San Antonio traffic on the police department’s Facebook page, commenting “catch me if you can,” has been caught.

Video: Baby dragged 100 feet by truck is unhurt

Ivianah Figueroa, only four months old, of Lawrence, Massachusetts, is miraculously alive and unhurt after accidentally hitching a ride in her stroller Wednesday from a passing truck.

Daredevil motorcyclist taunts police department with video on Facebook page

A guy named Alberto Rodriguez Jr. posted a helmet-cam video of a motorcyclist weaving through Texas traffic at high speeds, during the day and in traffic on the San Antonio, Texas police department’s Facebook page. He further taunted the police by posted the message “catch me catch me if u can…[expletive] im tha mexican”  next to [...]

Watch: NJ cop takes a moment to play catch with neighborhood kids

In January a Texas police officer was filmed on his cruiser’s dash cam taking a moment to play catch with a young neighborhood boy who was outside playing alone. Today, a video has surfaced of a New Jersey cop who also took a moment recently to play catch with a group of neighborhood boys. Is it s trend? We hope so.

Boy’s 9th birthday ruined when police officer shoots dog (with video)

A Filer, Idaho, police officer responding to a call shot a 7-year-old black Labrador Retriever in the front yard of its owner, who was celebrating his 9-year-old son’s birthday. Officer Tarek Hassani’s dashcam video shows the shooting. Hassani then has a heated exchange with the dog’s owner, Rick Clubb, in which he explains that he has been [...]

Watch this swim escape from East Berlin in 1988

An amazing video shows four people dramatically swimming to freedom from East Germany in 1988

VIDEO: Charles Manson answers question about himself

In this short clip from an interview, Charles Manson is asked to explain in one sentence who he is. What follows is a display that, depending on who you ask, can either be interpreted, as madness, gimmickry or true showmanship.

Video: How not to parallel park

Please note, even though this parking job was not performed by a professional stunt driver on a closed course, do not try this at home.

Video: Hair weave is hacked off woman’s head by cop outside Detroit

A police video shows a police officer aggressively cutting out the weave of a woman restrained in a police station in Warren, Michigan

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