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Video: Hair weave is hacked off woman’s head by cop outside Detroit

A police video shows a police officer aggressively cutting out the weave of a woman restrained in a police station in Warren, Michigan

Watch: Video posted by robbed store owner mocks robber’s technique

This video, with renditions of the Mission Impossible theme song and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on kazoo, was published by the owner of a robbed Texas electronics store, who thought the job was very unprofessional, commenting “Our store got broken into. Judging from the surveillance video the thief doesn’t seem to be highly skilled in his area.”

Video: How to make a citizen’s arrest — and how not to

Ever wonder how to make a citizen’s arrest? It’s not just dangerous, but is also actually more complicated than you’d think, and now even illegal in some jurisdictions.

Watch: Policeman on patrol plays catch with boy

A police officer in Rosenburg, Texas, was patrolling a residential neighborhood in his cruiser on January 18, 2014, when he saw a lone boy with a football. So what did the officer do? He got out and played catch with the kid. This, all caught on dashcam and tweeted by Rosenburg police.

Watch: Would-be burglar outwitted by door

A would-be burglar attempting to rob a bar in the Chicago’s Wicker Park area was thwarted by of all things the unlocked interior door. It seems he made a critical error: He kept trying to pull open the door — which was marked push. This could explain why most burglars break and enter, rather than just …entering.

Video: Ever wonder about cops and doughnuts?

What is the deal with cops and doughnuts anyway? This brief video will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the relationship between law enforcement and tasty fried dough.

Watch: Hostage taker shot down by cops

Dramatic video of a man, who took several people hostage at a Denver 7 Eleven convenience store Monday morning, and held off police for an hour. The video shows him emerge from the store using a woman as a shield. When police saw him begin to drag her back into the store, one of them shot him down.

Devil baby haunting streets of New York

Ok, it’s a marketing prank, not a real devil baby–whatever that might be. But it looks pretty demonic and it’s scaring a lot of people in NYC. The baby was built by viral marketing agency Thinkmodo and the video is a promotion for upcoming horror film Devil’s Due.

Video: How not to drive during polar vortex

When driving in a snow storm do not to drive as though it was sunny and 72° F. This advice may seem ludicrous, but it only takes one driver to cause a spectacular multi-car accident. Here’s what happens when you drive at 55 mph and slam on your brakes in snowy arctic conditions.

Watch: Reporter faints during slopeside interview

Everyone gets run down during the holidays. Here reporter Brooke Graham faints during a recent interview — quite abruptly — microphone in hand. A moment later, she comes to, puts her microphone to her mouth, sits up and finishes the interview, proving once and for all her consummate professionalism.