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Inmate video: Happy ‘inside’

It seems that inmates and guards in prison in Sicily have, with the warden’s blessing, posted a video to show how happy they are, even in prison. The video shows them dancing and singing during daily tasks and recreation. The introductory message begins with a quote from Pharrell William’s Happpy, ”It’s the story of a dream – to try to be carefree – even behind bars.”

Video: Unidentified naked woman buys a naked lunch

It was a hot day in Krakow, Poland, when Cezar Zawadzki, 34, saw the naked woman enter the gas station convenience store, and recorded the surreal scene on his phone. Everyone else just did their best to act natural until she was gone. In fact, they were so stunned, it doesn’t seem that anyone contacted police.

Video: Would-be carjacker gets good-Samaritan beat down

It’s always good to see people in a community coming together and standing up for each other. In this case, citizens didn’t hold back punches or colorful metaphors when subduing the suspect. In fact, the stunned carjacker seems relieved when he is released into police custody.

Video: Valet turns high-performance vehicle into large paperweight

This alarmingly bad parking job occurred on July 3, 2014, in New Delhi, India, at the five-star Le Meridien hotel. The valet was returning the car, and is shown arriving at high speed, not slowing or stopping, but hitting another car and finally crashing into a concrete wall. The hotel is calling it driver error.

Video: Cop pushes suspect in wheelchair

Police have released dash cam video of an October 1, 2013, arrest in Lafayette, Indiana, in which the former Lt. Tom Davidson, now demoted to officer and given 30 days suspension without pay, is shown knocking down a wheelchair-bound man before arresting him for running over his foot.

Watch: Passed-out drunk guy gets head run over

Though some say an intoxicated sleeping person is less likely to be hurt a car accident, they probably weren’t thinking about someone getting his head run over by a car. Though the victim reportedly seemed okay, he was rushed to a hospital and kept overnight. In the morning when he still seemed okay, they let him go.

North Carolina state police in search of this car and this guy

What is actually happening in this cell-phone video taken Saturday afternoon on I-77 in Charlotte is unclear. All witnesses know is that this car appeared on the highway, driving fast, with the man shown hanging off the back. He then punched his way through the back window and got in the car with the woman [...]

Today in Crime History: The BTK confessions

After pleading guilty to ten murders on June 27, 2005, Wichita serial killer Dennis Rader gave a chilling account of his murders in court. Appearing unmoved by the cruelty of the acts he was describing, Rader systematically described how he killed the entire Otero family and six women. He described how he followed his victims — he called them ‘projects’ — around town before finally going in for the kill. Videos and a full transcript of the confession can be seen here.

Police: Man from ‘Planet Zoltron’ may have been on mind altering drugs

A collar in Muskegon County Michigan seems to have turned up a visitor to our planet, either that or a man who was very high on something, according to police. The dash cam video is shown here.

Watch: Man moves gator off road after a few drinks

FYI: a gator that doesn’t see you, can still bite you. Too bad it was the man, and not the gator, that had had a few drinks before the encounter. Four friends reportedly stopped their truck when they saw the gator on the road, and decided to move it. The plan was simplicity itself: Three of them cover its face with their t-shirts then jump on it from behind, while the fourth records it on all for posterity.

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