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Road Less Traveled: VT Man Pleads Guilty to Stealing Robert Frost Letters

Letters written by poet Robert Frost to his former secretary end up in the custody of police after an accidental journey in a desk through a thrift shop.

Sexual Slavery in Small Town Vermont: How Common Are Young Sex Slaves in America And Abroad?

In Vermont, two volunteer firefighters are accused of forcing a boy into sex slavery starting when he was 12 years old and continuing until he was over 16. It’s an awful situation that rocked the usually peaceful state, but sex slavery, in the U.S. and abroad, is shockingly common.

FBI Continues Israel Keyes Investigation, Releases More Information

In their continuing efforts to solve the riddle of dead serial killer Israel Keyes, investigators for the FBI never stopped investigating the clues he gave them regarding more victims. Now they have posted a great number of the investigation’s details online, hoping that it will jog someone’s memory.

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