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The polo club millionaire’s fancy life came crashing down after a DUI

On the evening of February 11, 2010, wealthy polo club owner John Goodman eschewed his chauffeur and drove himself to his favorite bar. He drank with friends and, after settling his final bill for 16 shots, drove his car into a deadly DUI collision that killed a young man.

Records show driver on Facebook at time of deadly crash

A deadly Arizona crash that left a police officer dead prompted investigators to look into the cell phone records of the driver. Sure enough, he was on Facebook when the collision occurred. The records are that precise.

Help identify the car that killed a 5-year-old in Cleveland

Gearheads of the internet are debating the make and model of a car that killed a little boy. Can you help?

Amy Locane-Bovenizer and the Fatal Car Crash

Driving home from dinner with friends on June 27, 2010, Fred Seeman and his wife Helene were hit by actress-turned-homemaker Amy Locane-Bovenizer, of Melrose Place fame, in a deadly DUI crash. Helene died, but Fred lived to see Locane-Bovenizer get the equivalent of a judicial slap on the wrist because of her personal circumstances.

Drunken Rampage Causes 17 Crashes, 1 Death in Georgia

Michael Owen Snider, 70, of Stone Mountain, Ga., was arrested on January 24, 2013, after allegedly going on an alcohol-fueled hit-and-run rampage that spanned two counties, left 17 vehicles smashed in 15 separate “accidents” and 1 person dead. Witnesses say they were rammed repeatedly and intentionally, and are thankful to be alive.

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